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Bob Harpers' Skinny Rules #weightloss

6 yoga poses for flat abs #strong #fitness

Follow along with fitness expert Karli McGuiness as she demonstrates a few easy yoga poses that will help boost your metabolism, speed up digestion, and decrease bloating. For more, check out these 11

Buns of steel! Start your stair workout with 20 alternating lunges to fire up your glutes, hamstrings and quads. Finish it with 20 more.

Low plank with knee taps #plankchallenge

The Only 4 Exercises You Really Need

Looped Performance Leggings -

Levator Scap Stretch... really important! A common manifestation of stress is that we hunch our shoulders, which shortens this muscle. To do this stretch, pretend you are smelling your armpit (you can apply extra force using your hand, but you want it to be just a taut, pulling feeling, not painful). Hold this for 15-20 seconds, take a 5 second break and repeat the stretch.

A motivational quote we love here at Fit Bottomed

Don't have time or money for the studio? Hone your practice at home with these free online yoga classes. |

Some entertainment to remember during your next tree pose.

keep at it

Small steps every day.

The 10 Best Yoga and Pilates DVDs We’ve Ever Reviewed

Figure 3: The gluteus medius stabilizing the lifted leg in Half Moon Pose. Work it!


Learn more twists at YOGAJOURNAL.COM

Build a strong foundation for your asana practice with these balancing yoga poses. Get step-by-step instructions and reap the benefits.

Learn how to work stiff muscles safely, promote lower-body flexibility, and find correct alignment in yoga's forwards bends.

Chest Opening Yoga Poses at YOGAJOURNAL.COM

Stay supple in your yoga practice with twisting asanas. Tone the belly, massage your internal organs, and relieve lower back pain in these seated yoga twists.

Build strength and set the foundation for a safe yoga practice. Get step-by-step instructions and reap the benefits of standing yoga poses here.

Loosen tight hips, improve your range of motion and circulation, alleviate back pain + more in these yoga hip openers.