Margie Barr

Margie Barr

Margie Barr
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Pray and Vote to abolish abortion.

For all hypocrite "church goers," football game (and other sports) attendees, assembly members. and everyone else who sings the national anthem and mouths the words, "God Bless America." (and still supports abortion anyway), reconcile that.

Democrats started the KKK so no surprise they are the first to scream it.

Here's Something You Don't See In The Media: Trump being given the Ellis Island Award in 1989 for contributing to the conditions of inner city black youths, standing alongside Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks.Why Doesn't Media remember this?

The US Patriot Act can stop the spread of Islam TODAY | The Counter Jihad Report. Why and what is the problem besides the Government are we waiting for. Think about it as 12 more innocent people in France were murdered by the socalled religion of peace on 1-7-2015

The US Patriot Act can stop the spread of Islam, however it can also ban any religion that violates ones civil rights including Christianity. Be careful what you wish for.


In order for great things to happen for our country, America NEEDS to get right with GOD again.