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recycle items

recycle items

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Tons of ways to use paper rolls ~~ great project tutorials!

recycled crafts

.. all paints work

Jar Recycling

I Love D.I.Y projects! These are photos of my faux metal window grills made using styrofoam, strips of plaster and paint. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle Why would you pay hundreds of dollars? This project cost me around $60 - that's including the tools!

DIY moss balls *instead of buying Styrofoam balls, use a bouncy ball you can inflate/deflate and use modge podge to create a bottom layer & then hot glue extra moss around the new moss ball once the ball is removed OR use any found round object you'd normally throw out/recycle and hot glue the moss to it*

Learn how to turn ugly Styrofoam trays into beautiful blooming flowers with this recycle #craft #tutorial.


Step by step guide on how to set yourself up for successful recycling at home

Recycling Day (a day late?!) - Green4u

Mason jars have been used for gifts of homemade jams and jellies for decades, but there's lots of other ways to use or recycle mason jars to create items for your home, your patio and to give as gifts. Here are 10 craft ideas you can easily make at home.

50 Crafts and Projects Using Recycled, Repurposed, & Upcycled Cans {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas} I love a good project you can make utilizing items you would noramlly just toss away. It's not only a great way to recycle and be green - but an excellent source for free crafting supplies and materials. {and who doesn't like a homemade project that costs next to nothing to create}

Recyclables with Toddlers-Comprehensive list of ideas to bring life into the items in your recycle bin..

My daughter & I challenged ourselves to make a spring garden from items out of our recycle bin. It was such a fun challenge! Have you ever given your kids a creative challenge?

How to Make Your Own Photo Blocks using Recyled Items... letters, animals, holidays, family... the ideas are endless! Great activity to help your child understand reusing items that are on their way to the recycle bin.

Join TerraCycle, and you can send in your hard-to-recycle items for money, or donate the proceeds to charity!

Recycle your already paid for items so that you can organize your clutter. No reason why the husband or kids can't find things now.

My cousin told me about making garden totems. It's a great way to recycle items into garden art.

RAFT (Resource Area For Teaching) is a place to recycle items that can be used in teaching.

I love to recycle/reuse items - these trunks stacked as a bedside table are a great idea.

This site has information about items you can bring in to the Recycle Ann Arbor Drop-Off Station.

Not sure what you can recycle? Visit this website and learn what and how you can recycle common and uncommon house hold items.

Are you sure you want to send these 435 items to the recycle bin?

Great way to recycle difficult items! 4/22/12 in St. Louis

What to do with 9 trash items - recycle or not.

Recycle old CD's into decor items with clock face printables

Tongue in Cheek - DIY Creative Ideas for Art Saves Saturday