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Margaret Sanders

Margaret Sanders
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how to make a terrarium - Google Search

Help kids understand science and climate change. Drawing showing the layers of rocks, charcoal, and soil in the terrarium, along with plants, and a small garden gnome. Go to NASA's Climate Kids

I would like to do a succulent terrarium with black and white sand in a long, low, asymmetrical glass bowl.

This bubble terrarium measures 12 inches in diameter San Diego local delivery only

DIY Succulent Terrarium in a Glass Bubble Bowl. Garden Craft Tutorial at Mom Always Finds Out.

Succulents are fun plants to grow indoors and out! Create a succulent terrarium in a clear glass bubble bowl with this easy step-by-step tutorial.

In the Art Room: Sandra Silbertzweig Inspired Portraits by Third Grade

In the Art Room: Sandra Silbertzweig Inspired Portraits by Third Grade (Cassie Stephens)

Good idea for a self portrait display- take kids pics to go with their self portrait

I like this idea for FDK to draw picture of self, put a photo of themselves and then work at the literacy centre printing something about themselves. the studio: the annual art show

Working on black paper, they outlined their pictures using Elmers Glue. When the glue dried it had a raised, shiny, black texture. The children colored their pictures with colored chalk pastels and were instructed to give their background a patterned design.

First grade self portraits: dried glue lines on black paper with chalk pastels. Lots of other art lessons on this site, too.