This logo is simple, but decorative. The text is utilized well, so it makes the picture look like an orange.

20 Successful Fruit & Vegetable Logo Designs

- This Logo is a really cool twist on fresh fruit, I think its super clever, and it's very hard to be successful scrunching text like this but it works here! - Delicious Fruit & Vegetable Logo Designs for Inspiration

I've seen this concept before (another pin), I wonder which was first? Gulliver's Travels Book Cover. $20.00, via Etsy.

Cover design by Einband Entwurf. (book cover) Dandelion by Don Freedman Hard Cover Book Ages Gulliver's Travels Book Cover some of.

Designed for Allen & Unwin, 2010. Image by Marina Strocchi.

The Lost Dog (paperback) cover design by Sandy Cull; illustration by Marina Strocchi (Allen & Unwin /


The think layer of pink paint against the brown of the cardboard and overlapping of geometrics shapes is the bomb. Imagine a carpet like this!

world's largest drawing festival

The Big Draw is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. It has grown into a month-long festival throughout October all over the UK. Every year more people across the world join Big Draw events and engage in creative activities.

~ Anna Kovecses ~

Festive Summer Artwork by Anna Kövecses via Kickcan & Conkers x