love the shapes, simple use of colour. think it would look with neutral colours as well as the blush pink we are considering (with grey and black aswell) by miller & Co

Getaways by J Fletcher Design

Graphic design inspiration

PB Monogram by Mike Bruner


(Monogram PB by Mike Bruner) This logotype is very simple and straightforward. What makes it stand out is the contrasting white line running through only half of the circle and letter B. This adds an asymmetrical balance too.

Fire & Flour

Fire & Flour

Branch | Brand Refresh

Sometimes, a brand doesn’t need a full facelift. A nip here and a tuck there can be enough to make it feel more current. In our case, Branch has been going though some updates over the last few mon…


The middle section of this print has BOLD LINE DRAWN IMAGE with script below I love that. Clean and simple again, but a little more personality, it's memorable. It can maybe be a slice of citrus, a beet, etc

Camp on the Doorstop

Camp On The Doorstep

Lots of moving parts (artboard mess) for the Camp on the Doorstop brand identity development . Kind of fun looking at it as a whole.

Square Stylish - Business Card 82

Square Stylish - Business Card 82

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