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Bobbie Garcia
Bobbie Garcia

Bobbie Garcia

A cure for the common cold? I thought I'd never see the day. This is simple but incredible info to file in the recesses of my mind.

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Trumpet Musical Ear cuff by ranaway on Etsy, $12.99

Northwestern University Trumpet Ensemble

Halloween ghostly figure made from chicken wire. You may have to be pretty talented with the wire but this would be awesome.

HALLOWEEN NAILS // NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Omg that is awesome! I'm so doing that this Halloween!

scary toilet... reminds me when Quinn used to put the gorilla in the toilet - surprise

I'm thinking you scour thrift stores for dolls and then remove the heads (maybe cut them in half) and then I would paint it with "glow in the dark" paint and then put the light in the back and shove it in bushes out front! SCARY FUN!

Halloween - i never know what to do with the mini pumpkins. This is too funny.

Halloween Witch Hat Cookies~ Glue Chocolate Kisses to Thin cookie with Orange Frosting!

Halloween?(; omg this is insane! hmm Im seeing two little zombies and a mommy zombie this halloween!