The pansy is a member of the Viola family and is easily recognized. It is a mainstay of the fall and winter garden.

Orange bonsai

Orange tree trained as a Bonsai - Oranges traditionally have been associated with purity and fertility because of the delicate white blossoms and vibrant fruit from which it produces.

A tulipa é originária da Turquia e foi levada para a Holanda no século XVI. Veja o significado das cores de cada uma delas: - Tulipa vermelha: significa amor verdadeiro e eterno. - Tulipa roxa: tranquilidade, paz e luxo. - Tulipa amarela: luz do sol e prosperidade. - Tulipa branca: significa perdão. - Tulipa laranja: vitalidade e vigor. - Tulipa negra: elegância e sofisticação.

Tulip I know, they're a simple country flower.but, I think a vase of white tulips is elegant, and can look good anywhere!

Bonsai group forest!

Bonsai ~ The word bonsai is often used in English as an umbrella term for all miniature trees in containers or pots.


This plant looks like it is attempting to free itself from the pot. They might be having an argument. I hope they got it worked out.


it's "cousin It" girlfriend. Latin name: Pilosocereus Leucocephalus. Common names: woolly torch/old man of Mexico