vintage camera

The Brownie Hawkeye was a Bakelite camera made in the U. and in France from about 1949 to The flash model was introduced in par Maurie Daboux….

Bauer 88B

“ Vintage seafoam green Bauer Super 8 Movie Camera, circa ” Beautiful typography and design.


Something a little different however, very useful for capturing all those wonderful family moments and in my fav colour!

Gold Leica R3

Anniversary Leica I so want a Leica Camera. Any suggestions are so welcomed! I am looking at the Leica MP .

Kodak Instamatic 100

Kodak Instamatic The first Instamatic made by Kodak to bring back photography to popular market. Firstly came in 1963 this camera starting the new age of 'point n shoot'.

Argus C33 Beautycase

Some kind of compact camera case so I don't have to bring my big camera backpack and I can just throw it in any other bag, preferably leather or some kind of grey felt.