Easter for many families is a time of celebration. It is a time for putting on a happy Easter outfit and taking adorable pictures with the Easter Bunny. Well, photos with the Easter Bunny do not always turn out picture perfect.


If God had wanted us to wear high heels, don't you think He would have made our feet to look like this? This foot is creepy and haunts me every time I see someone in heels.

Why would someone do this to themselves?

Is there anything wrong with me because I'm battling to find a job. It's NOT that I can't keep a Job. NO, It's more that I CAN'T find a JOB!

Scott Shove  Self Objectification Strategy  Modified Stripper Shoes and Mixed Media, 2012

{photo from here} Happy Weird Shoe Wednesday shoe lovers! Today's "weird" shoes are these works of art by Scott Hove.

King Kong Slide

Gorilla Is Lactating

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At least his shoes Viejo verde, en rosado, es peor

Hot in Hot Pink High Heels ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails (Eeeeek, What's wrong with some people~)

Father of the year award.

Father of the year? Ummm...

Funny pictures about The Best Father-Son Halloween Costume. Oh, and cool pics about The Best Father-Son Halloween Costume. Also, The Best Father-Son Halloween Costume photos.

Details: Iris van Herpen, Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012

Electrifying Ensembles - the Iris van Herpen Spring Couture 2013 “Cathedral Dress” : printing with ‘copper electroplating bath' defines Novel Garment Silhouette (GALLERY)

Interesting make-up!

Funny pictures about My next Halloween body paint. Oh, and cool pics about My next Halloween body paint. Also, My next Halloween body paint photos.

Maria Jose Cristerna

Vampire woman, Maria Jose Cristerna, a mother of four, tattoo artist and former lawyer. Guadalajara, México See Tess if you don't like being a lawyer there are always other options.

Shary Boyle

Shary Boyle, porcelain, china paint ~ collection of the National Gallery of Canada