Maria Gerantoni

Maria Gerantoni

Maria Gerantoni
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Custommade (Aesthete CuratorAesthete Curator

A fragrance campaign for Custommade from Denmark based design studio Homework. This unique fragrance enables the customer to create their own scent. Art direction, bottle design and packaging by Homew

Christina Angelina-girl

Our edition of Street update brings the latest murals created by Banksy, WD aka Wild Drawing, AQI Luciano, Christina Angelina and Dzia.

Poor fish! Portugese man-of-war jellyfish.

The Portuguese Man O' War (Physalia physalis), also known as the Portuguese Man-Of-War, Man-Of-War, or Bluebottle, is a jellyfish-like marine cnidarian of the family Physaliidae. Its venomous tentacles can deliver a powerful sting.