DIY  paper flower - easy peasy

Beautiful paper art of origami fabric handmade DIY tutorial derivative paper snowflake tutorial

Box folded tower card.

[Handmade DIY homemade storage box tutorial] -- in Chinese, but the pictures are instructive, and the box model is easy to find in origami tutorials.- Not to mention would be great at holding loose jewelry laying around.


Origami Hexagon box -- tutorial for segments but not base Craft

3D Alphabet Templates - Mr Printables

Free Pastel Alphabet Templates - Mr Printables For party decoration or kids room or gift wrapping. million ideas :)

DIY origami paper box top with rose design

Most inspiring pictures and photos!

Origami Box - Octagon with Rose

Origami Box - Octagon with Rose


Step-by-step instructions on how to fold an Origami Hexagonal Box.