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Subway tile kitchen pantry #open #shelves #shelving #storage #avohylly #kitchen #shelv #shelving #tile #pantry


"Because sometimes it's fun to actually have hard data behind the things we believe to be true, Property Shark has created a detailed, neighborhood-by-neighborhood map of property values (and thus, gentrification patterns) in Brooklyn. The results, while largely what you'd probably already guessed, are nonetheless pretty staggering." / via adam greenfield

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To answer his own question, Spiegelhalter converted reams of statistical risk tables into a simple metric: a microlife—30 minutes. If you smoke two cigarettes, you lose 30 minutes of your life. Exercise for 20 minutes, and you gain two units of microlife. Over time bad habits accelerate your aging, and good habits slow it down. via @Sarah Peck

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Veil shot, gorgeous light.

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my bedroom someday

sneak peek best of: bedrooms (part 1) | Design*Sponge