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Stop bullying

No bullying. Bullying NEEDS to stop. Help stop bullying.<< if you have ever been bullied post this!<<< Even if you haven't been bullied repost. It's a horrible thing and it needs to be stopped.

Beautiful & cute nerd glasses

Nicole "Nic" Madelana Drakos 15 years old greek italian mix parents divorced loves art loaner insecure shy

Beautiful eyes and hair

I'm Cassidy Milker. Anyway, my dad is a drunk and my mom stays at work all day. I learned to do things on my own. I cut and an anorexic.

Lol this is cute

emo hairstyles for girls with cute thin hair. Latest Long Short emo scene hairstyles Emo fashion scene emo hair The new emo hairstyl.

Head banz

Simple Braid Fishtail Braid French Braid Waterfall Braid Perky Side Pony Boho Braid Flirty Ponytail Poof Big Hair Messy Bun Sleek Knot Half-do