Venecia, Italia ♥

On the other side of Castello, Venice by Chris Chabot. My dream house looks like this

Completed in 2015 in Mar Azul, Argentina. Images by Daniela Mac Adden. Mar Azul, a seashore town in Villa Gesell Department, neighboring Mar de las Pampas, had its sand dunes terrain divided into a grid pattern.

Heilanstalten Hospital, Germany.  It's abandoned.

Heilanstalten (Heilstatten) Hohenlychen - People's Sanitorium (TB) in Lychen, Brandenburg, Germany. Stairway in an abandoned building.

Torre de Dubai flor en flor

Dubai Blossoming Flower Tower

Designed to resemble a blossoming flower, Greek architecture firm Petra Architects recently submitted "Blossoming Dubai" to the Zaabeel Park Tall Emblem Structure Competition. The tower is equipped with two elevators that run on spiral rails which turn 1

Check out this great example of brutalist architecture at Habitat 67, Montreal

fuckyeahbrutalism: Habitat Montreal, Quebec, Canada, (Moshe Safdie) my favourite thing on the entire world. I saw tghis back then and thought this was our future.

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