What better gift for that little monster in your life than these amazing knitted monster pants? Perfect for boys. The post Terrifyingly Terrific DIY Knitted Monster Pants [Free Pattern and Tutorial] appeared first on The Perfect DIY.


Colorful vespa - How did this get on my car board - It must be the colors!

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Been surfing "Hammock Porn" all day at work? Here are 12 awesome ideas for hanging hammocks that will make you want to order one right now! Don't forget, if you need a hammock, we've got you covered!


Most of couldn't face a morning–or afternoon, for that matter–without a cup of liquid energy to keep us going. Did your favorite writer feel the same way? Here are some great coffee quotes from famous authors.

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Someday I'm going to own a van like this and bring my kids to school in it to embarrass the hell out of them, and I will love every second. Hell, I'll probably live in this van ;) Funny things kids WANTS this van!

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Enduring - 2008 An original paper mache sculpture of two Tree Spirits by Rachael Direnna.


red velvet cake that looks exactly like a nikon camera. TheyCallMeDarbs red velvet cake that looks exactly like a nikon camera. red velvet cake that looks exactly like a nikon camera.


Gunnel Linde - The Enchanted Forest; it would be so cute to Photoshop your girl in a fairy costume under a toadstool.

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When you get too old for your stuffed animals just preserve them for a creepy awesome Halloween decoration! (Use up old pickle jars!


Spiral Wedding Aisle: This is an idea for seating at a wedding.I love incorporating the spiral of life into a wedding ceremony.


Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy -- "the fountain at the junction of three roads." Throw a coin into the fountain, and legend has it that you will return to Rome. I wish I'd tossed a coin in while I was there!


Pawel Kuczynski is a Polish artist that specializes in satirical illustration. Born in 1976 in Szczecin, Poland, he graduated with a graphics degree from the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan.

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This is what every scale should say. The number does not matter. No one should judge their value as a person by the number that shows up when we step on the scale. Strive for a healthy well balanced life and be your own beautiful.