Marbled Easter Eggs

Making Marbled Easter Eggs In 3 Steps

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And as always paper covers rock, rock crushes scissors, and scissors cuts paper!

Rainbow Slurpee Cat...My daughter was wearing a newly made tye dye t-shirt.  Washed the cat while wearing the T.  Have you ever seen a tye dyed cat???  My son proceded to inform us that he will never leave us home alone, again.  LOL :)  6/23/12  Will never live this one down.  New memories, my children...luv mommy

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Toast UBS Thumb Drive

Crust Be Dreaming USB Drive. On those mornings when youre starving for a change of scenery, save your essential files on this sweet toast-shaped USB drive and delight in a bit of work and breakfast at your favorite corner cafe!

iPhone Cassette Converter | A cool device that converts audio tape cassettes into MP3s so you can listen to them on your iPhone or iPod, anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is stick your iDevice into one compartment, insert your cassette tape into the other, and then run the app that comes with it to start converting your tracks. Easy, breezy, and retro-tastic!    The iPhone Cassette Converter is priced at $79.95.

The Cassette To iPod Converter. This is the device that converts audio tape cassettes into files and stores them directly onto an iPhone or iPod touch. It accepts most iPhones and iPod touches, and normal or chrome cassette tapes.

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CJY’s “wood be” Collection

nuff said!

This is one of my biggest pet peeves on the road. No, I will not let you in, you self-important asshole. It's people like you forcing your way into line that causes the damn backup the rest of us have been sitting in.