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Dump A Day The Best Of, Expectations vs. Reality - 35 Pics

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Expectations vs. Reality

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Funny Expectations vs. Reality – 32 Pics

Need to add file bin(s) to our backpack station. Keep the table and counters clear of homework papers and avoid losing important assignments. I like the lower hanging hooks for backpacks. Could add these to our mudroom.

Funny Expectations vs. Reality – 40 Pics

These funny comparisons in life that will make you drop dead laughing (expectation vs reality)

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Funny pictures about The worst things ever to happen. Oh, and cool pics about The worst things ever to happen. Also, The worst things ever to happen.

Meghan. 18 yrs old!! Loves texting and taking creative pictures on her phone!!

* Name: Ashley Age: 13 Powers: none Life: she was left in a shopping mall when she was only a year old. She was brought to the AC the next day. She loves archery and hanging out with friends. She is the daughter of Reponzal and Eugine