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Marialucia D'Arcangelo

Marialucia D'Arcangelo
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Do You Know the Secret Feature of the Iconic Red Solo Cup?

If you’re attending a backyard barbecue, pool party, or any kind of group gathering, chances are someone’s going to offer you a beverage in a red Solo cup (or its off-brand ilk).

diy glow stick balloons- fun for kids after dark

DIY Glow Stick Glow In the Dark Balloon Tutorial from Say Yes. For more Glow In the Dark DIYs go here. For a Roundup of DIY Galaxy and Glow In The Dark Jars Tutorials go here.

Why make Jello Shots when you can make Vodka Bears??? So easy!

*instead of gummy bears use sourpatch watermelon with watermelon vodka* DIY Vodka Gummy Bears alcohol diy recipe recipes summer recipes party ideas diy food party favors diy party ideas