Mini desserts

Individual Peanut Butter Pies

individual peanut butter pies with oreo crust- yum, yum, yum. Will make these next week when we bring the Christmas tree home.

Sprout cupcake toppers.

Garden Party Idea Sweet Sprout Cupcakes - made your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe, place batter in mini terra cotta pots and place in cupcake pan, bake, make green edible fondant plant sprouts. How fun!

how to make chocolate topper for cupcakes or other treats!

Easy & Impressive: Chocolate Abstracts

oh so fancy. melted chocolate in squeeze bottle, frozen on wax paper. used to garnish desserts. Use white chocolate and dye light blue for chocolate snowflakes


mini blueberry (or fruit of choice) galettes: Fast & easy with pre-made pie crusts or use the recipe provided to make your own. Pretty on a dessert table. Use with cinnamon apples!

Lemon meringue shots

Lemon Meringue Shots ~ recipe for pie shots That actually sounds pretty damn nifty! Probably much easier than doing little tarts, too! And they won't break like a tart can

Great presentation

Panna Cotta with raspberry macaron - pannacotta de apio y macaron de mouse de…

Thermomix | baked chocolate cheesecake

Little Lush Cooks: Baked Chocolate Cheesecake - steamed in the TM!