This has to be the best Pokémon Fan Art I've seen yet, even though I don't like the Eevee evolutions (Eeveelutions). This is some awesome art!

Alternate pokemon go teams by seoxys6

Alternate pokemon go teams by seoxys6

Teams that I would pick to be on- Team Rebirth or Team Harmony: 🌊Team Harmony🌊 Team Omega or Team Alpha: 🔥Team Omega🔥 Team Delta or Team Judgement: 🐉Team Delta🐉 Team Ignite, Team Purity or Team Strike: ⚡️Team Strike⚡️

Not team instinct, but this is too precious to pass up :) |Mimikyu and Spark by

Pokemon GO (Always by ShyBlu) <<<<<<<< even though I'm not team instinct I would still do this, he's just so cute!<<<<<<< team instinct would so do this! GO SPARK!

Espeon, Umbreon, and Glaceon #schooluniform #handonheart #shh #glasses

I'm sooo srry that I have not been posting guys DX but I will post more later on

Eeveelution - This is adorable!!!! @Charity Scantlebury Scantlebury Scantlebury…

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Each of the characters plays an instrument. THEY FORM A BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!! xD I'M DIEING AT HOW STUPID I CAN BE!

Each of the characters plays an instrument. I'm so glad that N plays the piano as I do. But why isn't Touko playing anything?

Tão maravilhosos

rockets: “ make your leaders proud…. (new print for otakon. i had so much fun drawing the gym leaders!