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Whenever you say something sarcastic to someone who had been basically inviting you into their conversation

So awesome Evan peters is making is way into the real deal movies - he reminds me of a young Johnny Depp

Asa Noturna

Haly's Circus, where Dick Grayson once performed, returns to Gotham City - bringing with it murder, mystery and superhuman evil.

Asa noturna e Capuz vermelho - encontro de gerações

Dick Grayson/Jason Todd (Nightwing/Red Hood) jaydick by ~fish-ghost on deviantART

I thought I'd pinned every good Grayson pin on this site. I WAS WRONG

Night Wing by naratani on deviantART - I wish I could say the red Nightwing is growing on me. but he just looks more evil.

Jay todd by BAK-Hanul on DeviantArt

Actually, I'm majoring in comics (well, more like manga, Asian style comics) at the university(South Korea). The style of American comics is so interesting and I want to study about it more and mor.

Myers Briggs - Jason Todd

Myers Briggs - Jason Todd I'm a bit of the same. my personality type is ENFJ-A

摸幾個桶#Jason Todd#...

Jason Todd/ Red hood - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!