Tornado on the train tracks.

Train track with tornado. They say a tornado sounds like a roaring train on the track.

Puddle jumping.

The reflection is taken at a good angle because we can see enough of the rain boots. The rest of the person we dont need to fully see, the reflection is good enough for the viewer


Hollywood hosts the "Sweet Petite and Tiny Treats" Children's Fashion Show

Well, she is just TOO cute! Little smile, little feet in the little shoes, and little hands holding that giant umbrella. or do we call it a parasol so it's not bad luck to be open indoors. I would wear that dress, too! :D Darling smiles and lovely hair.

These colorful teapot with the cup seem less like a game for kids than like small glass sculptures. Together with glossy pink lights at the background it forms beautiful composition, which is featured in this free theme for Android.

Swarovski Heart Computer Mouse

For the girl in all of us - Swarovski Crystal Pink Heart Mouse - I wonder how it feels? Is it smooth or can you feel each crystal? The heart shape is possibly more natural for a woman's hands.


How glamorous the crystal embellished bottle of Dom Perignon champagne.

Saatchi Online Artist: Marco Pece; "Mona Lisa"

Mona Lisa has never looked happier ;) Marco Pece is an Italian photographer with a fascination with Legos. An art lover himself, his recent work recreates famous paintings in perfect detail, using the ubiquitous bricks. This is his Mona Lisa with Lego.