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RECYCLEd jewelry

RECYCLEd jewelry

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Rallou Katsari - necklace "Elli", Material: Public transport tickets –

Sarah Kate Burgess: Cup as Ring

Karen J Lauseng - Soda straw bracelet

SAM THO DUONG - 1969 LemitcaVD2, necklace yogurt bottles, wire, semi precious stones – à Caroline Van Hoek Gallery.

Elvira Mellado - "Replay" Necklace 2012 Rubber, leather.

doge noemi - Swiss Artist Noémie Doge Makes Jewelry From Repurposed Footballs

Two guesses what this is? No clue? Artist NOEMIE DOGE-CH has taken bits of a record player (and record), mother of pearl, and horn to make this INCREDIBLE hair pin. My hair really isn't worthy of this art!

Caroline Van Hoek / Contemporary Art Jewelery / Deurle - Brussels

Noemie Doge - Football Necklace

LAUSANNE – Atelier l’Imprimerie | Noémie Doge

Jewelry Made from Unusual Recycled Materials Noemie Doges Recycled Football Necklace The quest to recycle as much unwanted material as possible has led to some extremely creative designs from determined and outstanding eco artisans. Here are more of them to inspire. Football fans many not recognize the work of Swiss jewelry artisan, Noemie Doge. The hexagon pieces actually come from old footballs from around the world. There must be a ton of them considering how popular soccer is.

Swiss Artist Noémie Doge Makes Jewelry From Repurposed Footballs Noémi Doge Recycled Football Necklace – Ecouterre

Noémi Doge Recycled Football Necklace

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Swiss Artist Noémie Doge Makes Jewelry From Repurposed Footballs

Cynthia Del Giudice Eco Necklace Number 2 (fused plastic)

Eco Necklace Number 2 fused plastic by CynthiaDelGiudice on Etsy

Cynthia Del Giudice Eco Necklace Number 2 (fused plastic)

Bottle Cap Jewelry

Bottle Cap Jewelry

Fabiana Gadano, Still Life, brooch, made with recycled plastic drink bottles.

Fabiana Gadano –

Pia Aleborg, necklace, From the series: Apartfrom, 2005, electric cord, gold plated brass, diameter 25 cm, photo: Michael Grenmarker

Caroline Smith Jewellery - Recycled Broken Car Lights - bracelet

Yang Zhang - 2011 - "Loop 1" - 1500 $ - Silver, cloth waste "I reuse my waste to create jewellery whose form is in loops. Through investigation of my rubbish and social experience, my work expresses that my living conditions and everything around me is in loops. They keep changing and developing by combining and recombining." -

Contemporary New Zealand Jewellery by Yang Zhang

Yolande Duchateau - "feathers" 2013 - made of recycled PE tubes

Robin Ayres – Black found objects including game pieces, Cracker Jack prizes, rubber gaskets, vintage beads, bakelite knobs, and much, much more

Azumi and David - UK designers collection 2009

spring/summer 2009 | Azumi and David | Fashion and Product Design

"Solitaire" ring, by Manuel Vilhena

Works & Pieces #2 | Manuel Vilhena Contemporary Jewellery