Toujours dans le thème vampire pour notre fête Halloween, j'ai eu envie de recréer ces bougies ensanglantées vues sur Hostess with the Mostess.        Pas bien compliqué, disaient-il, il suffit de fai

Halloween: Dripping Blood Candles (link doesn't work) but it looks pretty straight forward- drip red candle wax on white candles.

How to make a toga!

Doing a Greek day at school so its nice to know the different toga styles, since wearing on for this said day is mandatory.

Halloween : 35 costumes à fabriquer toute seule comme une grande –

Alice in Wonderland; Bun in the Oven; Cast Away Wilson (ball); Where's My Basketball? love the silent film costume idea


"Moisturise Me! Moisturise Me! The Lady Cassandra - Lasagna Topped with Red Pepper and Radish. Doctor Who - Cassandra Lasagna

Linda Hallberg Halloween maquillage comme Jack Skellington d'un cauchemar avant Noël. Absolument f * génial

Linda Hallberg Halloween make-up as jack Skellington from a Nightmare before Christmas. Absolutely f* awesome Halloween Makeup