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Would you wear this? Comment below! **Every purchase feeds 7 shelter dogs!

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Navy Seal Jon Tumilson & Hawkeye. Tumilson lost his life serving our country in Afghanistan,his faithful companion Hawkeye layed beside his coffin for the duration of his funeral. 2 amazing spirits!

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Wait Until You See What Happened To These Three...

This is so awesome! I'd love one of these paintings :): Rescue Dogs, Paints Better, Awesome Dog, Pet, Dog Paints, Animal Shelter

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Marine Carries His Partner Back To The Kennels After A Grueling Two-hour Search

25+ Soldiers And Pets Who Became Best Friends Overseas


Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted And The Results Are All That! - Explore like a Gipsy, Study like a Ninja

Oscar The Cat Comforts Those Who Are Nearing The End At This Hospital | SF Globe

Oscar the Cat

So sweet. Love dogs

He even has his own ID…

Joanna Mellor, 24, and Andrew Rayment, 27, from Ilkeston, with their pet dog Leo. A beauty therapist who was technically dead for 30 minutes after suffering a heart attack as she lay bed was saved by her pet DOG after it howled for help.

Woman who lay 'dead' for 30 minutes was saved by dog howling for help

When a Lost Dog Was Found, Rescuers Had An Unexpected Surprise… cute animals cat cats adorable dog story animal kittens pets kitten stories heart warming animal odd couples

Lost dog finds little kitten and saves her…

Giving CPR to puppies: It’s different from adult dog CPR. Hopefully, you will never need to use this information. If you ever do find yourself in a situation in which a puppy needs life-saving CPR, you will be very grateful you read this post.

We hope you’ll NEVER need this. But you need to read it.

Photographer Takes Photos of Stray Dogs for Adoption - pet photography

How A Single Photograph Can Help Save The Life Of A Shelter Dog


Dog Saved Kitten From Fire

Arthur, a stray dog, adopts the Swedish Adventure Racing Team in Ecuador.

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Dogs accept everyone…

Awesome ❤️

Faith In Humanity Restored - 23 Pics

Loyal dog stands guard over companion, then taken to animal control - precious story...

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White Wolf Heroic dog and firefighters worked together to save puppies from drain hole See Photos - Watch Video ===>

White Wolf - Timeline Photos | Facebook

Fraser, a 4 yr old with Autism, and Billy the cat, bought from a shelter, are inseparable. Billy has made life calmer for his family.... *sweetest* story and adorable pictures! Must read!

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Henry the Donkey is a therapy animal who visits residents in the hospital. Neat!

Unusual therapy and service animals

This is what dedication looks like. 2 Fireman save a doberman from the ice.

PHOTOS: Firefighters Brave Icy Waters To Rescue Doberman Pinscher


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Dog Lovers Wine Club: Sales support animal rescue centers and shelters. Charity, giving back, MSPCA

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