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#Illustration by Mrzyk & Moriceau // Combing all the tangles out...

Mrzyk & Moriceau : Photo

You ARE capable. Prove it. : Photo

The Art Of Animation

The Art Of Animation

guide to drawing feet, beginner art tutorial - first guide I've seen that tackles the shod foot

How to draw feet, foot drawing book

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María Rosa Brn


Pulse by gabalut on deviantART

from Society6

Charge Me Up Art Print by Henn Kim

#hennkim #henn #art #illustration #drawing #sketch #black #white #pen #inspire #creative #society6 #artprint #print

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I'm looking into various ways of creating illustrations and I have a fond interest with collating as this family's throughout all of my work and i like how this is plain and simple with a message to the emotion.

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Down and Out Chic: Art: Jenny Liz Rome I like how the artist has used photography mixed with the drawing to make the composition different and interesting

Down and Out Chic: Art: Jenny Liz Rome

Art // lips // paint

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Oil pastel painting

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black tattoo anatomical heart - Google Search

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stages of drawing. capital / chapiter

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wait how does he do the ones that have moving objects/animals/people. Edit: Post processing! That's how. Still cool though.

Ben Heine : Projects


David Theron

Line drawing methods shown using two or more strokes

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Brian Partridge.

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Pencil sketch of an apple by ~chaseroflight on deviantART

Pencil sketch of an apple by chaseroflight on deviantART


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Pencil Sketches of Objects | Project 5: Still Life, Exercise 2: Composition of natural objects

5. Still Life | huntemmalogblog

I have an obsession with drawing eyes and lips, so I had to pin it.

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Absolutely amazing. I would blow this photo up and put it on my wall if it was high enough resolution.

Le croissant d'argent