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Love three day weekends! – Unstoppable María Lyric Quotes, Me Quotes, Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Lyrics, Three Day Weekend, Practical Parenting, Weekend Quotes

Love three day weekends!

I don’t remember if I told you but after I finished T25 Beta I learned that there was another set of videos. I had some trouble getting them but this weekend Focus T25 Gamma arrived! I was so excit…

Dig deeper and finish week 2

Dig deeper and finish week 2

Successfully completed week one of Insanity Max:30!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

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Insanity Max: 30

Insanity Max: 30

Well, I tried working out following the posters we have on the walls for a couple of days but I decided to go back to videos. I just couldn’t get used to having to pause to look at a routine and no…

Nine years

Nine years

Today marks nine years since my TBI. Some say it’s kind of my birthday but I’m not sure that’s what it is; it caused a new beginning, that’s for sure, but I don’t feel like it’s appropriate to say …

First story – Unstoppable María First Story, Blog, Blogging

First story

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Exercise bike cardio – Unstoppable María Garcinia Cambogia Plus, Weight Control, Energy Level, Weight Loss Supplements, Going To The Gym, Weight Management, Healthy Weight Loss, Weight Loss Journey, Cardio

Exercise bike cardio

Every day when I exercise I begin by doing some kind of cardio exercise, like I used to do when I went to the gym. Right now I like to use the stationary bike but it doesn’t really matter what kind…

Finished Focus T25! – Unstoppable María Inspirational Quotes For Entrepreneurs, Inspirational Quotes For Girls, New Quotes, Great Quotes, Quotes To Live By, Funny Quotes, Life Quotes, Entrepreneur Quotes, Business Entrepreneur

Finished Focus T25!

I did it! Today, after eight weeks, I finished Focus T25: Gamma! I felt great after finishing Aphasia and Beta Phase the first time but I this one feels different. I’m proud, like always but Im als…

Gamma: Week eight Blog, Blogging

Gamma: Week eight

Today I began week four of Focus T25 Gamma part 2. That is weekeight of the entire Gamma workout program and in four days I’ll be done! I hadn’t noticed that it has already been seven weeks. I cann…

New rowing machine Ab Roller, Ab Wheel, Very Tired, Take It Easy, Keep Trying, Rowing, Side Effects, Do Anything, First Time

New rowing machine

Last week, after I got the Covid-19 vaccine on Thursday, I didn’t work out that day or the next. The CDC’s instructions were to take it easy after getting the vaccine. I did that the first time and…

Vaccinated and seizure free! Seizures, I Got This, Blog, Free, Blogging

Vaccinated and seizure free!

I was very excited about today, April 8, 2021. This is a very important day to me; it’s like a second birthday because today I celebrate being one more year seizure free. Today I am officially six …

Spring break 2021 Short Vacation, Going Away, Long Weekend, Spring Break, Puerto Rico, Two By Two, Beach, Blog, Travel

Spring break 2021

For a short spring break, I went away with my parents to the beach for the weekend, since it was a long weekend. I didn’t know what to expect because the beach is always very crowded during Easter …

I can do it, I can stay focused Finding Motivation, Weight Loss Motivation Quotes, Workout Motivation, Swimming Motivation, Body Motivation, Work Quotes, Quotes For Kids, Quotes Quotes, Life Quotes

I can do it, I can stay focused

On Monday I started part two of Focus T25 Gamma. In my mind I was thinking that it would be more difficult right from the beginning just because it’s the second part. I thought it had to be differe…

Finished Focus T25 Gamma: Pure Gamma Motivational Words, Inspirational Quotes, Done Quotes, Quotes Quotes, Yes I Will, I Love Ny, I Can Do It, How To Stay Motivated, Positive Quotes

Finished Focus T25 Gamma: Pure Gamma

After five weeks, I finished part 1, Pure Gamma, of Focus T25 Gamma! The calendar is only four weeks but I couldn’t finish the fourth week on my first try because I got my COVID-19 vaccine that wee…

Started week four again Its Okay Quotes, Over It Quotes, Up Quotes, Beauty Quotes, Faith Quotes, Quotes To Live By, Black And White Quotes Inspirational, Black & White Quotes, Inspirational Quotes

Started week four again

Last week, after getting the vaccine, I thought I would be able to finish week 4 of my workout routine. This is the first time, since I started doing these videos that I haven’t completed a w…

Got my first Covid19 vaccine today! Vote Sticker, Arizona State University, I Voted, I Win, I Decided, I Am Happy, I Got This, Something To Do, Encouragement

Got my first Covid19 vaccine today!

Great news, I got my Covid19 vaccine today! I was so nervous before I got it because of those rumors going around that the needle is big but that’s not true. The needle is just a regular needle, at…