Maria Schlögl

Maria Schlögl

Maria Schlögl
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Super airy and delicate ‘O’ shaped earrings made of spun golden wire. On the ear lobe, it gives the appearance of ‘transparency’. A part of La Minimaliste Collection We recommend layering this with either the ‘Bey’ Honeycombs or the Mini ‘Strip’ Earring.

essie liebt rauchige Töne mit dem gewissen Etwas. Unser Mauveton angora cardi bezirzt kurz vor Frühlingsbeginn mit einer ausstrahlenden Wärme.

Essie Envy: Essie Mauves : Neo Whimsical, Lady Like, Island Hopping & Angora Cardi - Current nail color right now!


∙♢∘❀ Gypsy water is incredibly fine expensive perfume made from Egyptian oils. the scent of fresh soil, deep forests and campfires evokes the dream of a free, colorful lifestyle close to nature.