Sunrise over Long Reef, Sydney Australia >> Stunning!

Really just Love the colors / Photo "Red Reef Sky II" by Glenn Crouch - "Sunrise over Long Reef, Sydney, Australia"

different shades in one color family.

Gonzales Wedding by Karlisch and Wrubel + Caplan Miller Events


i remember as a kid my dad picked thistles and dried them for my mom because she is Scottish. He told us a legend about why the thistle is Scotland's flower; the thistles hung on our living room wall for years

arranged tones

Arranged Tones


This purple door gives a welcoming entrance and makes a bold statement! purple and turquoise door

Purple ruffle cake

Recently people have started using the fashion term "Ombre". The arrangement of color is ombre or gradation but the color scheme itself is monochromatic (Purple ruffle cake) I like the colors going down not the ruffles


Look at all these wonderfully colorful coffee cups! New cup every day.or enough to have a lot of friends over for coffee (and remember which cup belongs to which friend!