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A Love I find the composition of this photo of taken by Nataly Dauer particularly striking. Photo Credit: Off Beat Mama Breastfeeding Beauty!

Lemur Tandem Nursing

A rescued Ring-tailed Lemur gave birth to twins at Great Britain’s Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. The twins, who were born on March 25 and have yet to be named, have already enjoyed a classic Lemur pastime – sunbathing!

Hour 11: This image “Dani mothers breastfeeding their infants”, taken in the Baliem Valley Irian Jaya New Guinea Indonesia, by Gerald Stanley Cubitt, Photographer was removed March 14, 2012, from Shana Ritter’s account, along with a second image of an indigenous South American woman breastfeeding. Shana’s account was disabled indefinitely, pending appeal.

Dani mothers breastfeeding their infants Baliem Valley Irian Jaya New Guinea Indonesia