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The Tudors

The Tudors

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Henry VIII’s kitchen complex contained 50 rooms, including larders for fish, meat and grain, and areas for boiling, pastry making and making confectionary. The kitchens provided food for the courtiers and staff, Henry had his own private kitchens near his own suite of rooms.

A composite image showing Anne Boleyn, Margaret of Austria, Claude of France, and Marguerite of Navarre | Born a courtier and educated with royalty abroad, Anne Boleyn was a true Renaissance woman.

Tatiana's Tea Room: Anne Boleyn: The French Connection

Anne Boleyn There is some dispute over the year in which Anne was born – most likely between 1501 and 1507. Anne's father was the courtier and diplomat, Sir Thomas Boleyn and her mother, Elizabeth, was the daughter of the Duke of Norfolk.

11 year old Katherine of Aragon. Katherine of Aragon had a fair skin complexion, blue eyes, and an auburn hair color. She was referred to as “the most beautiful creature in the world” during her lifetime.

catherine of aragon Archives - Madame Guillotine

4 d’écus - détail par Fenestra Tarot

Detail of Henry VIII's writing box c. 1525. This impressive writing box was almost certainly created in the court workshops of Henry VIII (reign: 1509 to 1547). Lined with leather it is painted with the heraldic badges of Henry VIII and his first queen, Katherine of Aragon (1485-1536), as well as the royal coat of arms.

Stalking the Belle Époque

Catherine of Aragon, First Wife of Henry VIII, Waxwork at Warwick Castle by lisby1, via Flickr

Queen Katherine Howard Ring - Fifth wife of Henry the VIII

The tomb of Katherine of Aragón, Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Crucifix and cover of the prayer book that Mary, Queen of Scots carried with her on the day of her execution.

A Plantagenet prince, the rich and powerful John of Gaunt (1340 - 1399). His liaison with a commoner called Katherine Swynford produced four illegitimate children who were given the name Beaufort. (He married Katherine in 1396 and their children, by this time adults, were legitimised.) Their son John was the Great-Great Grandfather of King Henry VIII of England.

When Adam delved and Eve span rhyme lyrics, origins and history

Mary, Queen of Scots (1542 - 1587), and her son James I (1566 - 1625). Mary was beheaded at the order of Queen Elizabeth I. Mary's son James as closest heir goes on to succeed Queen Elizabeth I.

History of Leith, Edinburgh » The Death Mask of Mary, Queen of Scots, amazing to see her actual face

Statue of Mary, Queen of Scots.

a tudor cosmo I..ha ha

Historical Accuracy Reincarnated - wittewieven: o-m-g

Henry VIII and his six wives (in order) by reconstruction artist M.A. Ludwig

A re-creation of a Tudor gown ala Queen Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII, for display at Gainsborough Old Hall, to commemorate Henry and Catherine’s visit made as part of Henry’s Northern Progress in 1541.

His ‘Rose without a Thorn’

Anne Boleyn's pearl crown. Gorgeous color of emeralds, looks like tin but Id think it would be made in gold~

Anne of Cleves

Always interested in Edward Tudor, King Henry VIII's only legitimate son, who died very young. How would England's history have changed had he lived as a Protestant king, and not his sister, Elizabeth I?

- Henriette Marie de Bourbon by Henry Stone, 1640 3

The White Princess of York, her mother's namesake, mother to Henry VIII, niece to Richard III, daughter to King Edward IV and wife of Henry VII.

The Other Elizabeth Girl

The Duke of Suffolk, Charles Brandon, as an older man. Perhaps by Holbein,

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Kitchens, Hampton Court

Elizabeth's embossed sig

The Clopton Portrait, circa 1558-60, Queen Elizabeth I- William Cecil, Lord Burghley, speaking of Elizabeth, 'A princess who can act any part she pleases.'