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Maria Vera Oliveira

Maria Vera Oliveira
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Here is an up-cycled pool organizer. Take a wooden pallet and transform it into a pool toy organizer. You could even paint the pallet to get a bigger wow factor.

Dump A Day 35 Amazing Uses For Old Pallets

DIY:# Reclaimed Pallet Plate Rack - I like the light walnut stain on these -shelves could be used for anything you want.

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These 7 Valentine's Day Craft Ideas Will Inspire You. Make your valentine day special by creating homemade gifts for your love ones. Here are top homemade valentines gift ideas to add extra personal touch.

enfeite de árvore de natal: prendedor reaproveitado.

Clothespin Snowflakes Handmade Ornament: by Stephanie Lynn the Table and Dreaming. one alteration I would like to make-- snowflakes don't have eight points, but six clothespins might not fit so neatly toghether.

This looks like a pine cone bouquet.  Very cool.

~ Pinecone Kissing Ball ~ Love this! It looks easy to make, too. All you have to do is hang a styro foam ball and then hot glue the pinecones to it. And you could just dust it lightly with paint to get that frosted look. Love it.