Cat candle with a skeleton!

DESIGN: PyroPet, the Melting Cat Skeleton Candle PyroPet is a new brand created by designer Thorunn Arnadottir and Dan Koval, product developer. PyroPet is a family of animal shaped candles that each.

“Message on a Cookie” Text Stamp and Cookie Cutter Set

24 Household Items You Won't Believe You Don't Own Yet

21st century mix tape Too cool!!

The ultimate gift for... padres primerizos

USB Mix Tape - Cool as. I always loved making mixed tapes and then CDs. Now, a USB mix tape ain't a bad idea either.

On having a boy.

family- mom and son. I hope one day my daughter has a son. The love of a son for his mama is amazing! She deserves to feel that, because I love her so much!

Blind dog with his own guide dog…

Blind dog with his own guide dog…

Funny pictures about Blind dog with his own guide dog. Oh, and cool pics about Blind dog with his own guide dog. Also, Blind dog with his own guide dog.

Cotton candy store from Japan "や は da wa" - marshmallows can be directly consumed, put into coffee or tea and other beverages to float ~ Cutest thing ever!

Cat-Inspired Marshmallows by Marshmallow Shop Yawahada. Can only purchase in Japan, but could potentially enjoy there~

Matterhorn Mountain Whiskey Glass #fathersday

Matterhorn Glasses (2)

Shop - Matterhorn Glasses How do you unwind after a grueling day of hiking? How about a bit of whiskey from your new Matterhorn Glass.

Cement succulents

Waterstone Succulents an Etsy Shop, by Michelle Weddle. They're made from gypsum cement cast from molds of real succulents.

Japanese Cypress Hinoki Wood Mug. Scrap wood harvested in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Carefully handcrafted by Mr Shibata in Yamanashi.

Fill your heart with secrets, but the only way to read them is if you break your heart.

is a ceramic heart-shaped vessel that you can place your thoughts, feelings and emotions into. Write them down on pieces of paper and put them inside. You must then physically break your own heart to free them.