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This game is designed for a large or a small group. This fast paced game reinforces the long o vowel patterns oa and ow.

Long O I Have, Who Has

This game is to help teach students how to read words with the long o sounds spelled o,o_e, oa,and ow. For best use, print on card stock and l...

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Word Families Down on the Farm Long & Short o (SMARTBoard Lessons) The purpose of this activity is to help students with the reading of Word Families. $2.00

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This station includes 4 long O spelling patterns. Students will read the words and sort them into the correct group according to the spelling patte...

Long Vowel Word Sort {Long O}

In this zipped file you get everything you need to teach long o word patterns. There are 36 files in all! Word Wheels, Picture Cards, Word Sorts, W...

Phonics Workshop - Long o - Everything you need!

This is a word sort for long O word families with silent e. Your students will be able to recognize patterns in words and work on decoding as they ...

O-ceans of Fun: A Long O Word Sort

The eWorkbook titled “Long and Short Vowels” consists of 13 pages. Long vowel and short vowel /a,e,i,o,u/ worksheets include various exercises for a vowels both long and short including: coloring the correct word, matching words to correct vowel, identifying and printing words.

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This is an activity for students to practice reading and sorting words by their long o and /ow/ as in

Owl Themed Long O Word Sort {o spelled OW}

All 5 long vowel Roll, Read, Keep! A, E, I, O, and U!Great for literacy centers!...

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This activity allows students to practice sorting Long Vowel o word family words. Includes cover/direction sheet, 31 bone word cards, and 7 Long Vo...

Doggone, Where's My Bone? Long Vowel O

This free product is a game that words on fluency, phonics concepts (long i and long o), and writing. Students will enjoy reading the cards and mo...

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Two winter themed literacy centers for K-2! Long O/Short O word sortWinter Word ScrambleRecording sheets included!...

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Your kids will love practicing their long o words with this pack! Includes patterns oa, ow, and o_e!Activity 1: Long O Sort with Recording Shee...

Long O Word Work

This packet can be used to help teacher the long o sound. It includes 3 games/centers and 2 long o work sheets!Roll, Read, Keep! Long O edition...


Long "O" sort to use during the winter months.

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Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade: Freebie - Long O game

Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade: Freebie

long O with OA and OW activities

First Grade and Fabulous: Vowel Teams

OA and OW long o activities

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short and long o vowel sort

First Grade a la Carte: A, E, I, O, U Sorts

Long o Where's my Bone?

Long o Where's my Bone? |

FREE Long 'o' Word Sort

O-ceans of Fun: A Long O Word Sort

A game to practice Long O spellings!

Go Fly! Long O Activity

Freebie Long O Spelled oa & ow Smartboard lesson

Long O Spelled oa & ow Smartboard


Long \

Worksheets: Long "o" Sound

Long "o" Sound | Worksheet |


Long o Words

Worksheets: Long o Words

Long o Words | Worksheet |