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Save those newspapers! Great center activity to review common & proper nouns, plurals, possessives, addition/subtraction, comparing numbers, verbs, adjectives, text features, letter writing, compound words, & subjects/predicates :-) $2.50


Students will really get the concept of common and proper noun with this game! In order to win, they need to write in the proper nouns for the comm...

Proper Noun Tic Tac Toe

A simple game (intended mostly as a file folder game) that helps students work on naming proper nouns. This download consists of an instruction she...

Common Noun, Proper Noun

Common Core Noun Unit-lessons for all of the CCS on nouns: singular/plural, common/proper, concrete/abstract, and more! ($)

Common Core Noun Unit

There are 16 task cards for the students to review common and proper nouns. This game would be great for small group instruction, centers, partner ...

FREE!!! -Common and Proper Noun (Apple Poke)

Freebie activity with cards for synonyms, antonyms, compound words, homophones, common/proper nouns, plus multiplication and place value where students walk and find their partners.

The Bubblegum Tree: Mix & Match

This PowerPoint presentation is to be used as a whole class game to review the concept of common nouns and proper nouns.The file is editable so t...


This packet includes 5 different word sorts:1. Nouns and Verbs2. Proper Nouns and Common Nouns3. Adjectives and Adverbs4. Helping Verbs and more!

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This packet contains three anchor charts- one telling what a noun is, one describing common nouns, and one describing proper nouns. There is also ...

All Aboard the Noun Train {FREEBIE}

I love this idea for teaching common and proper nouns.

Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

This is a free sorting activity for common and proper nouns.

Fun 2B in First: Nouns

Poof! A Review Game for Nouns (Common, Proper, Singular, Plural)

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LA - Sequencing / Common & Proper Nouns - Santa's Eleven Months Off -- Pitner's Potpourri Freebie

Pitner's Potpourri: Santa's Eleven Months Off -- Freebie

Free! Cupcake matching! game on the concept of common and proper nouns.

Learning Is A Piece of Cake

Proper Noun lesson. My daughter cut words that are "Proper Nouns" from magazines, newspapers, and product boxes/wrappers.

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Maridan Jensen

Language arts flash cards: adjectives, contractions, prefixes and suffixes, nouns, opposites, rhyming words and common and proper nouns

Language Arts Flash Cards - Have Fun Teaching

Grammar Tales: Chicken in the City (helps to reinforce First Langauge Lessons which cover Nouns and Proper Nouns)

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Noun PoemNoun Sort Activities:---Nouns vs. Not Nouns---Proper Nouns vs. Common Nouns---Person vs. Place vs. Thing---Singural vs. Plural N...


This is for a 17 page unit on nouns. It covers identifying nouns, common and proper nouns, and singular and plural nouns.

Nouns Mini-Unit- Posters, Sorts, Games, and Worksheets

Could do with proper/common nouns, too

Teaching in Flip Flops

$2.50-Common and Proper Nouns: Posters and Worksheets

Nouns: Posters and Worksheets

Don't Monkey Around, Learn Your Proper Nouns!

Adventures in Teaching: File Folder Games!

5 different Language skill games (Verbs, Plural Nouns, Common/Proper nouns, Subjects/Predicates, and Possessives) $

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Super hero super nouns! Packet for teaching/practicing common nouns, plural nouns, irregular plural nouns, possessive nouns, and proper nouns.

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sorting proper and common nouns

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