This "FREE" smartboard activity allows the children to practice sorting similar special sounds, begin identifying patterns, and start recognizing where they hear the sound in each words. Sorts include: Long A (ay, ai, a_e) Long E (ea, ee, e_e, -y) Long I (ie, i_e, igh, -y) Long O (oa, ow, o_e, oe) Long U (u_e, ue, ew, oo) R-Controlled (ir, ur, er, ar) (ou, ow) (oi, oy) Digraphs (ch, wh, th, sh) Pocket Chart has all sounds above, all letters, ed, ing, ng, aw, & tch

Smartboard Interactive Word Sorts & "Pocket Chart"

5 Long Vowel Literacy Centers are included.Easy to get ready and will be at your fingertips when you need them!Long a- Spider Sort ai, ay, a_...

Teaching Resources & Lesson Plans

The eWorkbook titled “Vowel Variety” consists of 43 pages. The worksheets include a variety of vowels (aw, ai,ur, ee, oa, ay, hard and soft c, and more) worksheets include various exercises including: circle the correct vowel, matching pictures, name the picture, and sentences.

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Help the spider find it's web!! This activity is a long a word sort. It has students working with words with the vowel patterns of -ay, ai, a_e. ...

Long a Spider Sort for Center/Small Group

This 16 page phonics unit will help you teach the /ai/ and /ay/ vowel teams to your kiddos. It has a cute puppy theme that your students will fall...

/ai/ and /ay/ phonics unit

This is a cute game to review confusing sound blends such as CH, SH, AI, AY, EA, and EE. It includes:- 6 sorting mats- 30 word cards- rec...

Clowning Around With Sounds

Self checking activity to practice the long a sound with ai and ay. Move the gingerbread men under the correct heading. Check your answers as they ...

Smartboard Long vowel a pattern ai and ay

These worksheets provide a lot of practice with long a spellings. They focus on a_e, ay and ai patterns. There are 20 worksheets provided that in...

Long a practice - a_e, ay, ai

Vowel Word Sorts Vowel Digraphs, vowel pairsVc words andLong/Short Vowels*ai/ay*ee/ea*ow/ou*oi/oy*au/aw10 printables

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Crazy for First Grade:Rain poem & Read the room (ai and ay)

Crazy for First Grade: Weather Part 2 *finally*

This is a Center Activity to introduce spelling with "ai" and "ay"

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Ocean Activity - Vowel Digraph sorts (a, ai, ay, ea, ee, oa, etc)

Phonics Centers - Have Fun Teaching

Ai/Ay Task Cards

First Grade and Fabulous: freebies

ay - ai - a - a_e

Picasa Web Albums - Jennifer Jones - Classroom Wal...

ai ay picture sort

ai rainy day picture match

ai and ay sort

Snail Play: Digraphs ai and ay Spelling Pattern Sort

ay ai

First Grade and Fabulous: phonics

ai and ay

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Ai ay

The First Grade Parade


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ai/ay - 17000+ FREE worksheets

Ai and Ay

tattling to the teacher: long vowels

Long ai & ay

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Vowel Word Sorts Vowel Digraphs, vowel pairsVc words andLong/Short Vowels*ai/ay*ee/ea*ow/ou*oi/oy*au/aw10 printables

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7 Literacy Stations Included!*Vowel Digraph Word Sorts (ai, ay)*Vowel Digraph Word Sorts (ee, ea)*Sight Word Four in a Row*Circus Synonym...

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