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when in doubt...

i knew i had my practice at the end of the day.all i had to do was get to the hot room.all would be better.it was tough but it was always better :)

your heart and my heart

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that looks like such a beautiful and peaceful stretch, it must feel amazing to find stillness in the uncomfortable Find more like this at health naturally health food eating

Sit cross-legged. Left hand on left knee, right hand in front of your lower breastbone, both with the index finger and thumb touching.  Relax your body and concentrate at the spine in level with the heart on the Heart Chakra, what it stands for, and how it does/should affect your life.  Silently, but clearly, chant the sound "YAM." Keep doing this until you are completely relaxed, and the "clean" feeling returns and/or intensifies within your body.

Hope you enjoy this guide to opening your heart chakra : Get out in nature. Visualize green light filling your heart. Be love. Give love. Be thankful for all you have. Work on Forgiveness.

Power Off. Shut Down. Do Yoga.

Power Off. Shut Down. Do Yoga. I kinda want that as a tattoo "Get on your mat.

The incredible affects meditation has on our brains. What are you waiting for? Take the next 10 minutes to meditate!

Is Meditation Really Beneficial for Your Mind and Body? Incredible teaching tool to help appeal to the science brain.