Cucumber dip.

Feta and Cucumber Dip - Good as a sauce on pita sandwiches or a dip for toasted pita wedges. Cut recipe in half, skipped the cucumber, used skim milk instead of cream, and added t salt. Would also be good as a sauce for fish or curries.

whatever it is, it looks delicious!

J'ai préparé ces délicieux petits cakes le jour ou on avait cueillis des…

Dhal Puri (Guyana)

Dhal Puri is an Eas Indian style flatbread/roti with a filling of seasoned yellow split peas. Also eaten with curries, saltfish, eggplant stew, pumpkin, or alone.

Fish Vindaye- Mauritian Dish

Fish Vindaye- Mauritian Dish make this conftted fish and serve in a variety of dishes to last a number of days. Great with a crusty loaf or boiled rice

The French Patisserie - Rasp Miroir

Raspberry mousse, pink and white striped biscuit, raspberry glaze, striped chocolate square.