INTJ. Crazily spot on. Again, I should post this, or wear it as a t-shirt.

INTJ well this explains why his lack of any effort in being house proud turns me off so much.

.Sadly it is more or less true. Though make sure the comments that you think are insightful aren't overly obvious to them....

INTJ - Why you want one. "Make insightful comments" lmfao yes!


INTJ - (interesting POV from the previous pinner) "Wait a second.hello, hello, damn she hung up! Thinking about it, must have been the wrong answer.

I do this all the time. My family and friends have just accepted it as my quirk.

I have a 2 hour people limit once a week. Anything more than that, I start to have very unpleasant thoughts -- from pushing people out of my way to downright stabbing them with a pen.

Cynicism // cynic // cynical The common folks label for beings with imaginations and those who dare to Dream...

Embrace Your Inner Fantasy…

"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." George Bernard Shaw A better view of the word "cynicism.

intj and children- I think I literally had this conversation.

I used to think I loved friends have INCREDIBLY well-behaved children compared to the rest of the world!

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