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That's no ordinary crack, Amy. That's a crack in all of pan and cake. And someone put it there.

Not a huge fan of this show, but they do know how to write a punchline.

You're Telling Me Those Were All Lies?

Yep, meant to see this one too.

Meant to see this, then I didn't.

James C. Scott has disappointed me before, but why not. He writes catchy titles.

Mixed feeling here. I hate the body of this episode, but the opening scenes are some of the best of the series. (Personally, I think the cow fetus beats out the Jayne hat. But that's just me.)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the new fall TV shows I've been watching.. It's pretty good.

Unfortunately, this idea makes me a little sick. I need to cut back on the gummy bears.

And it can't come soon enough--muwhahahahahahahahahaaaa!

The Artist, with my sonic knitting needle. It was either that or a bra. (The Artist's Tardis could really use a dresser. And a thorough cleaning.)

Now it all makes sense.