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I could freaking watch this all day TV Alec is so hot

I love Alec light wood in the tv show fine as hell😍😍😍😍

Goodbye John - Sherlock (BBC) gif And this is where I completely lost it and cried for the next 15 min...

Goodbye John - Sherlock [GIF] & this is where I completely lost it and cried for the next 15 hours.

So, so true.

Charlie and Zoe and ANYONE Rick kills in blood of Olympus cause let face the facts SOMEONE is bound to die

Peeta Mellark, Will Herondale, Jace Lightwood, Jem Carstairs, and Harry Potter

Will Herondale, Jem Castairs, Sirius Black and Nico Di Angelo (i know i know).

moustacheluke: “ The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies Annual *my scan* ”

X-Men: First Class - what every single fan wants to have happened.  IF ONLY, ERIK. IF. ONLY.

I so ship Cherik so much. They really should have kissed at the end in the first x-men first class movie!

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Copper Bookmark Hand Stamped - Never judge a book by its movie. Like our quote, or even pick your own!

I love this, it is so true. A book carries you to another world and allows you forget about this one for a moment. <3

I love this, it captures my life, and my feelings exactly. It's beautiful, and sad at the same time. I want to be those people, and I want to have those adventures. I guess I have to find my own.