The Other Land: A Novel

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a map with many different countries and their names on it, including the atlantic ocean
70 maps that explain America
70 maps that explain America - Vox
a map of the united states with different colored lines and colors on each one side
70 maps that explain America
70 maps that explain America - Vox
a drawing of a deer with antlers on it's back and the moon in the background
KANANGINAK POOTOOGOOK (1935-2010), E7-1168, Cape Dorset CARIBOU
three ancient artifacts are displayed on a red background, including a bone and an animal's head
Bornais finds shed light on Iron Age and Viking life
Bornais is largest viking settlement known in Scotland. Bones and astragali may have been used for games or predictions.
a map of ireland with all the towns and major roads in different colors on it
map of the counties of ireland
map of the counties of ireland - Google Search
a large rock with writing on it sitting in the middle of a grass covered field
Ancient Ireland: Ogham Stones
ogham stones // getting excited for the Celtic Classic this weekend!
an image of rock art on the side of a mountain
Tea in the Afternoon
Ancient Rock Carvings Qaqotorq, Greenland.
an old tree with moss growing on it's branches in the middle of a forest
A SACRED TREE was known as a “bile” [bʲilʲə] in Old Irish. It was often a sacred tree, of great age, growing over a holy well or fort. Five of them are described in the Dindsenchas, and one was an oak, which not only yielded acorns, but nuts and apples.
an ancient poem written in black ink on parchment paper with the words deep peace of the running wave to you
ancient Irish blessing. Carol Conway The wording is a bit different but the thought us the same. Remember I bought a similar plaque from you that a friend was making? It still hangs by our front door all these years.
a stone circle in the woods surrounded by leaves
Gungywamp - Wikipedia
Gungywamp - Wikipedia
an old stone building in the woods
A Hike at Gungywamp in Groton, Connecticut
Gungywamp is a most unusual Connecticut attraction. It's a collection of strange unexplained stone structures and walls, of which little is known....
a large rock sitting on top of a lush green field under a cloudy blue sky
Wedding Photographer Belfast Northern Ireland | George Pennock
The Hole Stone, County Antrim Some of my favourite photographs of Ireland. Also available to order as high quality prints. Please contact me for more information on sizes, paper and delivery.
the words are written in white on a light blue background, and there is an image of
Taliesin - Wikipedia
Taliesin-- (6th century) Welsh was an early Brythonic poet of Sub-Roman Britain whose work has possibly survived in a Middle Welsh manuscript, the Book of Taliesin. Taliesin was a renowned bard who is believed to have sung at the courts of at least three Brythonic kings. Eleven of the preserved poems have been dated to as early as the 6th century, and were ascribed to the historical Taliesin.
a woman holding a crucifix in her hands with the words ceasar
Book of Invasions – 1: Ceasair
mythology web page- lots of myths and explanations of the cycles and gods and goddesses
an angel with two lambs standing in front of her and the moon above her
Love of the Goddess
In Celtic religion and Irish mythology, Brigit or Brighid is the daughter of the Dagda and one of the Tuatha Dé Danann.