Jinx - league of legends by asuka111.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

GET JINX! My favorite character from League of legends. Jinx - league of legends

Jinx Guardiana Estelar Fan Art.

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Jinx the Miss Pudding { skin concept} by PUUY.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Skin for Jinx inspired on Harley Quinn from DC Comics. I love Harley and I love Jinx too. Jinx (c) . Jinx the Miss Pudding { skin concept}


A little print i did for one of my friends Heh i might do i full design who knows Candy Jinx


Evil Star Jinx, Ahri, Soraka and Lux Totally love these. Hope the others will come out too!

Jinx - League of Legends (high quality)

For some reasons, this didn't upload . Good evening 💕 Jinx here :p

Drawing Jinx from League of Legends! Big Shout out to the pretty Ice Cream Lady and the All Chat Team!

I think I'm going little late haha #inktober2015 #day6 #jinx #leagueoflegends #fanart

I think I'm going little late haha #inktober2015 #day6 #jinx #leagueoflegends #fanart