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Death mask - George Washington ((some of his portraits were done by an artist that could not stand Washington and as a result he skewed his photos to make him look week and ugly...Paula


1908. Making A Death Mask


Deceased Reconstruction Photographs : death mask


Deceased Reconstruction Photographs

Joanna Kane - The Somnambulists

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18 Giant Skeletons And Pyramids Found In Wisconsin | Alternative

death mask benjamin franklin, his mouth is turned down but he looks like he's smiling...

Death Masks | FEARNET

Death Mask of James Joyce His death mask is on view at the James Joyce Tower and Museum in Sandycove, Dublin A death mask is a wax or plaster cast made of a person’s face following death.

Life and Death Masks of Famous People | It Thing!

The earliest European death mask is that of England's King Edward III, who reigned from 1327 to 1377.

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