that awkward moment...

bahahahahahaha <-- Haha, I didn't say that well this is the.first pin i changed the caption to lol so guilty!


LOL I actually do this frequently, there are just so many idiots in this world. how will they EVER learn if there weren't people like me in the world!

Every time!

You look great when you go out, but don’t see anyone you know. You have on sweats, no makeup and messy hair and suddenly it’s a reunion.


instead of cleaning i just watched an episode of hoarders. I didn't realize how fantastic my house really looks until I watched this show.

Born in the 80s...grew up in the 90s |

11 months and this could have been me.:( not even a year from being born in an awesome time.and now i am in the same group of the children born in 1999 that are "growing up" in the


Oh my god I seriously have a bag of empty toilet paper rolls left over from a project and I'm afraid if I throw them away ill come across something I want to do with them later! Too funny

Don't mess with Liam Neeson!

Correction: why would you try to kidnap his family TWICE. I'm crazy excited for Taken 2


Ceiling fan speed settings

Funny pictures about Fan Settings. Oh, and cool pics about Fan Settings. Also, Fan Settings photos.

Daryl grizzly  [ The Walking Dead ]

Fact: Daryl Dixon has a grizzly bear carpet in his tent. The bear isn't dead, it's just too afraid to move. Yes!

I'm dying!! xD

Funny pictures about The magazine that every stylish dog should read. Oh, and cool pics about The magazine that every stylish dog should read. Also, The magazine that every stylish dog should read.