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Teach These Children

Former school principal helping parents raise motivated, balanced, grounded, equipped and capable children.
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The Importance of Play
🛝Unstructured play is essential for a child's holistic growth, nurturing creativity, resilience, and social skills. Let's not overcrowd their schedules—let's allow time for pure, unadulterated play. Let's raise balanced, well-rounded children. 🫵You got this! 💪 #TeachTheseChildren #LetThemPlay #UnstructuredPlay #ChildhoodFreedom"
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Raising Capable Kids
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌱 It’s Fit and Fun Friday, and we’re planting seeds of intentionality! Just like tending to a garden, nurturing our children’s growth requires daily care and intentional choices. By making healthy lifestyle choices together, we’re not just raising fit and capable kids, but also cultivating strong bonds and setting them up for success. It’s not about the mistake you think you made yesterday, or completely changing your parenting style. It’s not about the way your neighbor parents or the families you see on social. Let’s set realistic expectations. It’s about planning to be intentional; to do a little something positive each day. So pour another glass of water, go for a walk around the block after dinner, try an exotic fruit, walk barefoot in the grass or do a little gardening.
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Education Matters
Parents, if you dont know what family-centered social emotional learning is, now’s the time. You cannot afford for someone else to teach your child about these sensitive topics. School based SEL , while well-intentioned, can never really do what its stated purpose is because curriculum is meant to be taught. But SEL is a learning process and it is deeply personal. Something that’s taught requires correction. But authentic SEL happens naturally when a family discusses their religious, cultural and familial beliefs and values. Therefore, any SEL curriculum used in a classroom will only promote groupthink— and this is very dangerous. Our family-centered activity guides provide prompts - you make it personal.
Teach These Children
the lessons learned at home will always have the greatest impact on a child. Its time to be intentional with family-centered social emotional learning.
Social emotional learning
Know the difference, know your position. Your children need to develop their identities with your input. #teachthesechildren
Emotional Intelligence is Everything
As many of you know, I have two children; one in public high school, and one that I homeschool. This page is not about convincing whether you should homeschool or not. I believe that’s a very personal decision, and there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. But, I am a former teacher and principal with over 20 years experience in the field of education and my greatest giveback is being able to teach and encourage parents that they will always make the greatest impact on their child. Whether you’re my friend, a former student, a fellow parent, a fellow educator, a follower, a subscriber or any combination of, my mission and message remains the same…. 1️⃣To make parents aware that we are all homeschooling to some degree. Whether you’re aware, intentional or not, your children ar
Emotional Intelligence is everything
Did you know that no matter how much you do or don’t do, your children are learning the most important lessons of their lives in the day to day experiences you create at home with them? Your conversations, interactions, and the way you “do” everyday is shaping their thinking and behaviors. These unspoken lessons are the key factors in determining your child’s emotional intelligence (EI). ⭐️Research shows that a higher EI is associated with greater levels of success in both business and in personal relationships. ⭐️ Imagine what parents could do if they only knew how and what to do to ensure their child’s success in this area?! While it doesn’t come naturally for everyone, creating an environment, having conversations and engaging with one another in a way that supports high levels of EI
Raising Equipped Children
Choice and control is at the center of an andividual’s ability to think critically and make informed decisions about everything from behaviors to career choices.
Social Emotional Learning
Beyond the core subjects how do you know how to raise a motivated, balanced, grounded, equipped ans capable child ? As a former principal these questions made up the bulk of my conversations with parents. Teach These Children is the best of my work, divided up into one sheet guides, color coded and aligned to the days of the week. Whether your child is in public, private or homeschooled, these guides are sure to give you the confidence to know why family centered SEL works.
Homeschool Learning
Summer Homeschooling
Raising Capable Kids
This is homeschooling…. Its different everyday. I’m learning to love it. I’m learning tl slow down. I’m learning that the public scholl crisis is an opportunity for us all to reconnect with our children and do what we do best.
Social media for kids
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Developmentally Appropriate
Have we forgotten what it is???
Balance homeschool and a career
I started Teach These Children to help parents. I wanted to share all that I had learned about the lessons children need beyond the classroom throughout my 20+ year career in education. I wasn’t homeschooling at the time but everyone who saw the activity guides kept saying, “the homeschoolers are going to love this!” They were created with all parents in mind…. But let’s just say, I get it now. ❤️ #allin #homeschooling #homeschoolingandworking #raisingleaders #teachthesechildren #synergyeducationinitiative #helpingparents #momtomom