Hanging String Of Pearls In The Pot

String Of Pearls Indoor Plants

Indoor plants with bead-like leaves, string of pearls are usually planted in hanging baskets. The string of pearls indoor plants grows well in bright light.

Dunamase Ireland Ahh and my daisies in Ireland- :-), Offaly, Ireland

The Rock of Dunamase, County Laois, Ireland. Ruins of Century Castle

After being on vacation for a solid 2 weeks and spending ample time relaxing by the beach, I've learned just how incredible it is to connect to mother earth. A deep connection with nature does something to you that I don't think anything else can do and w

June inspiration: Cozy, chic and green

With new guests coming in and out of Camellas-Lloret all the time, alfresco community dinners in the courtyard help everyone feel welcome. When Annie and Colin Moore restored their medieval home in small-town southern France, they knew they'd eventually w

Love this unicorn

Amazing Plant Art Sculptures - Mosaiculture exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens - Naga Plus (+)

Tree Trunk Planters

Personal: These tree trunk planters are much more sustainable than regular vases and planters. They are great home decor and put material that would have been wasted to good use.

"She came to the end of the garden, where in the cobblestone wall overrun with ivy, an ornate door stood open, revealing the real world on the other side. But the question she had to ask herself was, did she want to leave?"

So, I'm really not the type of person who gets into Irish/Celtic stuff, but this Celtic knot gate is pretty awesome

Pretty little potter shed.  Slightly larger to make into a summer kitchen out by the garden.

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Great old ironwork fence and gate.

Gorgeous gate in New Orleans. I LOVED the iron fences and gates along the streets. I want this for my pup gate.