Love this ensemble, especially the neutral colours. Dying over the brown leather gloves, so classy, so feminine, need me some of those!

khaki skinnies, navy oversized sweater, chunky cream scarf and tan boots. love for fall.

One Direction

"My new favorite pickup line. 'Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?' Thank you, Niall Horan!


Funny One Direction Interview 2013 - This Is Us // One Direction Funny Moments of 2013 // It's not a game. I love them.

I live in the moment all those special moments eating ice cream and watching Netflix:)

Harry's face is like "Very interesting, I've never thought of that I'm laughing too hard

josh hutcherson. hi.

Just saw catching fire and falling in love with josh hutcherson all over again!

if you dont repin this, theres definitely something wrong with you

Waiting for the day that Louis hip thrusts too hard and his pants button pops open.

Top 10 Lovely Curly Long Hairstyles

<3 <3

These two boys are prettier than all boys combined in my State.>>> me too. And I live in Texas, home of the country boys we all dream of

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Luke Bryan...i have seen him twice in concert. he is truly a talented singer. and that smile is to die for

Luke Bryan The one COUNTRY BOY who I would go see. I love to watch him shakin them wranglers on stage!p (Country girl shake it for me video)

Luke Bryan......So hot....just saying

BERRY hot men: Country hotties (28 photos)

alex o'loughlin

alex o'loughlin Steve McGarrett Hawaii guy is so good looking, he is my absoulute favorite.

Luke Bryan

oh dear lord. keeping this as motivation for the rest of my high school & college career. Thank you Luke Bryan

Bradley Cooper - like he needs an intro! LOL!

Afternoon eye candy: Bradley Cooper (31 photos)

The one and only Luke Bryan!

The one and only Luke Bryan! mmmmmm On my bucket list to go to a Luke Bryan concert!

Praise be Jaysus. The Hemsworth brothers. | Liam Hemsworth | Chris Hemsworth

God bless their parents. (I think this is like the third "God bless the Hemsworth brothers parents" type pin I have pinned, and I'm not sorry)