Make sure that you have enough sets of rhymes for the children in your class. Pass one out to each child

Phonological Awareness is the basis of all literacy learning. If children understand the building blocks of phonics, they are able to master reading and writing much more quickly and effectively!Included are some guidelines for teaching phonological awareness including; - Phonological Awareness Hierarchy - Teachers Description of Phonological Awareness .

Hickety Pickety Bumblebee. Can you say the letter with me? Now shout it! Whisper it! Clap it! Stomp it! Write it! Cheer it! Getting kids excited about learning new letters! Introducing new letters to your preschool!

Phoneme segmentation & blending made easy with these tips and tricks for small group instruction! Check out One Sharp Bunch's color coded trick for teaching directionality and segmenting!

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